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Brief Introduction of the District Minor Works Programme

The District Minor Works (DMW) programme is to fund district-based works projects costing up to $50 million each to improve local facilities, living environment and hygienic conditions in the territory. It covers minor building works, fitting out works and minor alterations, additions and improvement works including furniture and equipment replacement incidental to such works, and slope inspections and minor slope improvement works in respect of all the district facilities under the Home Affairs Department (HAD) and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD).

The DMW Programme has been fully launched in the 18 Districts since January 2008 and well received by the local residents.

HAD and LCSD are the lead departments in implementing DMW projects with HAD being responsible for minor works related to community halls and improvement to living environment and hygienic conditions of the district; and LCSD being responsible for minor works related to leisure, cultural, sports, soft landscaping and recreation type of facilities. DMW projects are implemented by works agents such as HAD, LCSD, ArchSD and EMSD as well as term consultants.